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I try to publish a new novella on Amazon every six to eight weeks. I have a very good editor who likes my kind of stories without letting that blind her to the really bad plot holes, and am personally powered by a huge heaping of vitriol and spite. It’s not the best way to go about things, but it’s my way.

For type of work to read (novella, kindle unlimited, full-length) scroll down to find the links. To filter by storefront, genre, or a particular flavor of queer, use the tags listed here.


I classify novellas as anything between 20k and 50k words. Generally aim to price at $2.99 so that after fees I get approx two bucks to go towards the dog food bill.

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kindle unlimited

KU isn’t my main goal as a published author but you can’t deny that the program works for a lot of people. I occasionally upload a new erotic romance short to Kindle Unlimited to see how it goes, and if you’re signed up with them you can read those (obviously) at no additional cost.

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full-length novels

Full-length novels from me are 50k or longer. Generally longer. Much, much longer. And contain per capita a helluva lot more cannibalism than your average novella or short.
Pricing is at $4.99 so even more money goes towards dog food, but also because my editor needs to be paid. She works so hard, let me pay her, please, I beg.

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