split universe

Ruby Enzio has a good time rolling around the galaxy; she’s got friends, money, and excitement. But when the good times come to a stop because of a teeny tiny criminal infraction, and the only way for her and her crew to stay out of jail is to sign on to a pathfinding mission to the blocked off half of the galaxy to see what’s on the other side, well. Now she’s got more excitement than she knows what to do with. At least the pilot is easy on the eyes. She’s going to have so much fun with her.

This is a sapphic space opera serial featuring creature aliens, two (2) broken spaceships, and capitalistic warfare. Two chapters are posted on Friday/Saturday every week, with Patreon’s uploads running one week ahead of Vella.

04.15.23 Chapter One on Patreon (on Vella)
04.15.23 Chapter Two on Patreon (on Vella)
04.22.24 Chapter Three on Patreon (on Vella)

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