g l i t z y . b a b y l o n


i am:

  • three small cthulhus fighting it out inside a buxom fleshsuit.
  • approximately 33 years old??
  • enraged queer ciswoman writer who produces m/m and f/f interchangeably. sometimes will write m/f but it’s always an accident and really confusing when it happens.

i write:

  • pulpy scifi messes of weird trope fiction
  • gross romcoms featuring monsters and stuff
  • speculative fiction that aspires to the existential but veers off into bickering about “how many lasers are too many” territory before coming to any philosophical conclusions.

i publish:

  • exclusively on Amazon to participate in the Kindle Unlimited program.
  • every six to eight weeks as health allows
  • books that range from novella-length to full novels.

if you’re here it’s because you’ve probably already read something of mine and are curious about other projects. check out the links along the top to find a list of all books i have out and the social media i’m somewhat active on and can be reached by.

i run a digest mailing list biweekly that includes any recent releases, a WIP Wednesday snippet focusing on whatever project i’m trying to finish next, and a link to a spotify playlist i’m writing to. sometimes i sneak a picture of a dog in there too, as a treat.

check out my friend’s stuff!
Lynda Naclerio is, yes my best friend, but also a really funny webcomic artist who makes comics about her pets as avatars to provide commentary and make jokes about whatever is going on in the world.. She’s also an excellent editor who makes my own stories shine, so go say hi to her on twitter @LyndaN or read her webcomic at TailsFromTheBackyard.com