want Glitzy to write you a story?

sometimes you just want something to read that is catered to your exact interests. if you’ve read my books and liked them, and you have the disposable income available, then boy howdy do I have a solution to your problem: commission a story from me! for the cost of a couple large bags of dog food I will craft a story that adheres to your list of likes and dislikes and deliver it within a set time frame for your edification

here are the standard terms:

commissioned story will be delivered within 30 days for a short story and 60 days for a novella in pdf format after I accept the payment. if final product exceeds minimum bought wordcount there will be no cost added to you, enjoy your bonus words.

you get exclusivity to the story for three (3) months– after this time has elapsed I retain the right to post it online to my portfolio and/or ao3.

if a cataclysmic life event happens (like my computer explodes?) where I cannot deliver on the commission you will receive a full refund with my apologies. once the commission is delivered, however, the transaction is complete and there will be no further opportunity for a refund.

HOWEVER if before I deliver on the product your financial situation has changed and you need to cancel the commission, I’ll refund your money and use the unfinished story for my own purposes to try and recoup my lost time. shit happens, life happens, I get it. no hard feelings.


i will replace this image someday.


before you initiate the commission process please have ready the following items:

  • a likes/dislikes list, just like if you were participating in a fandom exchange.
  • some fave pairings and fandoms
  • any tropes you’re especially into.
  • choose between mlm and wlw for possible romantic pairing.

I only write original fiction on commission, but knowing what character dynamics, worldbuilding notes, and types of stories that particularly resonate with you help a lot in the creative process. some of my best on-spec writing has been done after skimming the summaries and tags of the kind of fic the requester had in their ao3 bookmarks, i am not lying here.


  • erotica (sorry, takes too long)
  • guro, snuff, sexual violence (including rape) as a plot point or device
  • fetishization of anyone or any culture.
  • underage (this includes high school settings even if the characters involved are adults like teachers or whatever.)

MY BREAD AND BUTTER IS SPECULATIVE FICTION. if you ask for something mundane like a coffee shop AU i likely will reject the commission unless you’re looking for fabulism/urban fantasy and the coffee shop is just a basic setting because, idk, the characters have a caffeine addiction. I’m good at writing old-fashioned violence and horror, but will only write Happy Endings, no “Everyone Dies Horribly” is allowed here.

anyway, got what you need? know what you want?

then claim a commission slot on ko-fi!