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HOOVERSUCK OF AN EMPTY SPACE (Shit Happens in Space #1)
Originally serialized on Kindle Vella from May to August 2022
Published in full on Amazon on Nov 27th, 2077

An egg appears in Pyre’s hotel shower, and after he’s gotten help from his friendly rival Shanks, it hatches to reveal a baby Ancient Evil both cuddly and horrible. For better or worse they have to protect and nurture it so it stops eating people as a stress response. They go to Outer Space on this quest, but not everyone is looking to help the new family unit, and some would like to use the Ancient Evil for their own means. 

$3.99 on Amazon. Available in the Kindle Unlimited Program

Published Jan 14th, 2017

LGBT-themed ensemble superhero frenzy novel. A heavy enmeshment with Insurance Companies means Superheroes and Villain schedule their battles and destruction according to quarter profits. But when Infrastructure starts to crumble, how are our heroes going to deal with the implosion?

$4.99 on Amazon.

Published Apr 16th, 2015

Gay romance weird scifi egg-laying short. Agents on a super secret base in the middle of the ocean deal with weird creatures all the time, but the leader of one of the groups starts to spontaneously lay eggs when he gets stressed, and the guy who is “technically minded” has to figure out why. They’ve all dealt with weirder, but not by much!

$.99 on Amazon. Available in the Kindle Unlimited program.

Published Nov 1st, 2014

Gay kaiju stomp horror novella. Post-giant bug worldwide devastation, a scientist employed by a bog-standard Supervillain researches the swarm that wrecked civilization and is caught on the frontlines of the next wave. At least his boss is handsome and open to flirtation.

$2.99 on Amazon.