an erotic mlm romance and an EGGcelent adventure!

Terror strikes a modified Rig Agent at home in this thrilling erotic romance buddy-buddy adventure!

Gaspar works at the Rig with other Residents as a researcher and occasional field agent for team Delta Three. But when the leader of team, Lewis, begins to randomly lay impenetrable golden eggs with no scientific explanation, it’s up to the crack team of scientists and Gaspar’s own frantic off-the-clock work to fix the problem. It doesn’t help that the eggs begin to disappear on their own every few hours. And it certainly doesn’t stop it from getting worse that Gaspar has a bit of a crush on poor Lewis, and takes it upon himself to care for the terrified man in his hours of need.

Set in a pseudo-scientific world where creepy monsters are kept in pits on the Rig settled out off the New Jersey coast and everyone working there has a “mod” that may or may not have one spewing sentient globs of venom, ELECTROGASTROGRAM is a story about spiked blood pressure, consensual voyeurism, and pragmatic disposal of the corpses of newly discovered deep sea creatures.


horror romance about fighting hugeass bugs.

After the wave of giant bugs has died down society starts to piece itself back together again. In the case of one Dr. Anghrist Wiggins, he decides to ditch his nice government research job in favor of finding gainful employment for a Supervillain working out of the ruins of Acapulco.

Anghrist makes weapons, researches bug corpses, creates solutions to infrastructure issues that are cropping up in the wake of the devastation– oh, and also forms a very solid flirtation with his menacing boss himself, Mr. Xarles du Thoth.

But one thing never resolved is where the bugs originated, and why exactly they stopped attacking. Is another wave of the monsters coming? Will Anghrist and Thoth have to beat the insects back with high-powered weaponry and slapdash ingenuity?

Find out in this 42,000 word novella called Locusts the Size of Cars!

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