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Dime is tired; he's just out from a decade-stint in prison, trying to find something to do to make money, and all he has are the scams that kept him afloat while behind bars and some supplemental thievery work given to him by a sympathetic mercenary looking to delegate some of the grunt work that comes her way.

Sal is optimistic; he's on his third undercover op in as many years and this one is looking to be open-and-shut as soon as he can get some photographs of the cargo this crew he's been placed in keeps stealing to make their own profits by.

Opposites might attract, but in this case it's more Meet Ugly than Meet Cute, especially since Dime is caught trying to steal back some of the stolen cargo, and Sal is left knowing that if he doesn't do something then some innocent dumbass is going to get iced while Sal is forced to watch.

From one night in a warehouse where everything blows up in their faces all the way to a week on the run from nanite monsters mashed together with corpses, the road to making a personal connection is fraught with scams, yelling, and one really gross bed in a motel off the main freeway leading North out of the Metropolis both Sal and Dime call home.

Midnight Fistfight is a gory and very gay romantic comedy set in a cyberpunk world.


Serial is updated in two stages: I write a chapter and post for Patreons as Early Access, then upload to Ao3 approximately one to two weeks later. No schedule is established because this story isn’t my top priority (paid work is!) but I do try to get one new Patreon chapter done a month.