giant bugs! shenanigans and romance! a giant pet beetle? must be a gory MM romcom by Glitzy Babylon!

After the wave of giant bugs has died down society starts to piece itself back together again. In the case of one Dr. Anghrist Wiggins, he decides to ditch his nice government research job in favor of finding gainful employment for a Supervillain working out of the ruins of Acapulco.

Anghrist makes weapons, researches bug corpses, creates solutions to infrastructure issues that are cropping up in the wake of the devastation– oh, and also forms a very solid flirtation with his menacing boss himself, Mr. Xarles du Thoth.

But one thing never resolved is where the bugs originated, and why exactly they stopped attacking. Is another wave of the monsters coming? Will Anghrist and Thoth have to beat the insects back with high-powered weaponry and slapdash ingenuity?

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Superannuated is an ensemble horror comedy about insured heroes, uninsured vigilantes, and accidental time-splitting third party scientists all slamming up against each other inside a City in the process of crumbling.

In one corner you have your Heroes, your Villains. Propped up by vast networks of insurance companies, these diametrically opposed groups schedule bank heists and sometimes play darts to randomly decide who fights who on any given incident. Insurance will cover any fallout, pay the medical bills of the collateral civilian damage, so why not take spontaneity out of it and just make an appointment instead? In the case of Cuvier (the heroic IGUANODON) and Hilaire (CARNIVORA, a very dapper villainous cat indeed), they’re just childhood friends who ended up on opposite sides and who harass each other both in and out of costume.

In another corner are the Vigilantes, otherwise known as the Uninsured. They have do-good in their blood and a fiery need to dispense justice in their hearts. How unfortunate that none of the people they help want them around, since whatever gets broken won’t be financially covered and leave the victims worse off than before. That doesn’t stop Fred and Lola and the rest of them; they’re going to save people or die trying!

Our final corner focus is on the Third Party Scientists, a certain Open and Feyn to be exact. They’re employed by the local city university and they don’t perform proper safety procedures when running experiments on artificial wormholes. That’ll get your atoms scrambled and make you uncontrollably teleport places! And it’ll hurt! A lot! Somehow they’ll figure out how to fix themselves, or maybe they won’t, but at least they’ll get to see the City a little while they figure it out.

This is a queer horror comedy about the commodification of the superhero complex and how it affects different groups of people while they fight off magma wombats, a chimera parrot thing in a flooded basement, and severe brain damage after being taken out by a fake lead-filled copy of the Thinker sculpture. Violence, corpses filling huge pits, and a bear wearing a fez await you in The City Book One: Superannuated!

making romantic connections in SPAAAAAAAACE~!

Falco is a cargo hauler on the hunt for information that will lead him to where his adoptive father has been imprisoned by a brutish debt collection company called Fresh Air Solutions & Holdings (FASH). He takes jobs, keeps his crew healthy and paid, and pesters every Information Broker he comes across.

Dom is a member of the Informants Guild, yes, but mostly he’s just keeping his head down in backwater to backwater, keeping off the radar of the FASH and surviving.

Falco meets Dom in a bar during one of his stopovers and buys information, Dom follows Falco back to the port out of curiosity and boredom. What’s a cargo hauler wanting with information on the FASH? Is he on the run too? An agreement is struck between the two men and Dom joins the crew expecting a peaceful time in space where he can flirt with the captain and move some boxes around.

What ensues is the opposite of peaceful and at times is outright stressful, but at least Dom and Falco get to keep the flirting in!

Lightspeed to Love is a gay space opera romance rife with explosions, debt collection agencies gone mad with power, and a lot of gunfire perpetuated by two men who lie about being horrible shots.

Book One in the Menaced by Space-Age Debt Collectors series!